Hello, my name is Tae Si, and I am running for Oklahoma's 4th Congressional District. As your Congressman, I will be unrelenting to those who dare steal from the American people. I will never vote to give free money to “too big to fail” corporations. I will vote for energy independence to stop the needless wars, grow jobs, and save the environment. The Federal Government works for the people, not the few privileged elites of society.

Tom Cole does very few things right and many things wrong. He continues to be destructive, and if he is allowed to stay in office, all the progress that’s been made will be undone. Cole gave near interest free loans to financially unhealthy banks who in turn bought US Treasury bonds that gave higher interest rates. He literally put the taxpayers in debt to those who were bailed out by the American people. He voted yes to the reauthorizations of warrantless wiretapping on citizens and businesses in the name of national security. This is what dictators do.

Help me win the primary and defeat Tom Cole in November of 2014. Donate, tell your friends, or just vote for me. Together, we can move forward to a better future.


Tae Si


  • Labor Unions

    People have the right to organize. Collective bargaining is an important tool that gives workers control over their work lives. A lot of CEOs are paid high salaries to run companies into the ground while rewarding hard working employees with low wages and then a pink slip. I believe we must strengthen Labor Unions, and they are needed more than ever. I will fight for family wage paying jobs. The working men and women of Oklahoma deserve it.

  • Education

    The U.S. used to be #1 in education. Now it’s not even in the top 10. The curriculum of many schools is redundant and does not meet the needs of this country. High school students from other countries graduate with the equivalent of some college education. In order to make Americans competitive in the global economy, we must revolutionize our educational system. I will enact a program so students can start earning college credit in middle school. Also, I'll provide technical education to prepare students who excel in other talents besides academics. I will push for a public school voucher system to help struggling families attend good public schools. The voucher can't be used for private or charter schools. Last but not least, we must all work together to give teachers the respect and pay they deserve.

  • Defense

    America needs a strong defense. However, not all defense spending is necessary. America spends more on defense than the next 19 countries combined. There is no need to have military bases in Germany, France, England, Japan, South Korea, or any other country to increase their defense at our expense. If every discretionary spending except defense was cut, the US federal budget would still not be balanced. I will fight to bring our soldiers home and stop the endless wars by cutting the defense budget of its waste. Other countries that might “attack” us will have their defenses weakened. The cut will also increase our defense, help cut the deficit, and we would still be #1 in defense spending. More importantly, we can reallocate the money to fund other programs and help our veterans.

  • Taxes

    For some, taxes do not apply. If the tax rate was set to 100%, many businesses like Citigroup, Google, Bank of America, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, and Apple could still pay nothing in taxes and instead get billions of taxpayer money. The tax code is set up to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. Through questionable accounting practices, oil companies can claim they paid taxes, but the taxes that get reported are the ones its employees pay through payroll or the ones you pay at the gas pump. Serious tax reform needs to be done, and the first thing I would enact would be no more free money for billionaires. Taxes do not need to be increased as it will do no good anyways. Once the free ride for the rich is over, I will start closing loopholes so they will start paying their fair share like the rest of us.

  • Energy

    Everybody in the world needs energy and the demand is growing. Alternative green energy only supplies about 8% of the energy needs in the US. However, if we don’t find alternatives, we will all lose. Solar energy prices are coming down while increasing output. Oklahoma can make use of its natural wind power to create energy. While we continue to advance in cleaner technologies, I support natural gas as it is a cleaner and cheaper alternative to other fossil fuels.

    I do not support the Keystone XL Pipeline. There are lots of things wrong and very few things right about it. Abuse of eminent domain to kick people off their homes so some rich individuals can get even richer is not what America is about. It doesn’t make sense why the oil needs to be brought all the way from Canada to Oklahoma and Texas to be refined. It does, however, make sense if you consider bringing the oil to trade free zones to dodge taxes. Thousands of miles of pipeline only increase the environmental dangers. If it is so safe, TransCanada and the Koch brothers should build the refineries next to their place of business instead.

  • Guns

    It is the right of the people to bear arms. However, like all things, there is a limit. One cannot yell fire in a crowded theater if there is no fire. Likewise, we must not ignore the “well regulated” part in the 2nd amendment. It is common sense to use background checks when hiring a person for a high security job or hiring a teacher who was entrusted with your child. Background checks on people before purchasing a dangerous weapon is no different.

  • Disasters

    Hundreds of thousands of people are affected by natural disasters every year. Lack of food, clean water, and a safe place to stay while homes get rebuilt is a major problem. The nation, including Oklahoma, needs to be prepared. Technology has now advanced to the point where food can be preserved for 25 years. Storing food and water in strategic locations will help bring essential provisions faster.

    Currently, one-time use tents provide temporary housing. That is not environmentally friendly. I will upgrade the tents to provide comfort and reusability while people make arrangements for a longer term housing solution while homes get rebuilt.

    I will also make it easier for health care providers to volunteer in another state by creating a national licensure model. Instead of waiting weeks to get approval, it will take seconds.

  • Economy

    There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The economy is growing at a slow rate, but we can fix that. The G.I. Bill helped returning veterans from WWII get a college education. Every dollar spent on education under the bill returned $7 through higher wages, consumer spending, increased productivity, and tax revenue. My revolutionary education system will yield better results. Stopping the theft from the poor and middle class through serious tax reform will ensure people will have money to live on while economic recovery is underway.

    Most importantly, we need to start creating real wealth by bringing back manufacturing from overseas. China already surpassed us in manufacturing. It won’t be long until Japan overtakes us as well. In order to bring back manufacturing from overseas, I will make immigration easier. If all the workers are here, businesses will have no choice but to move back. Many foreign companies already want to operate their business here. Some people argue that the influx in immigrants will mean fewer jobs for the people who are already here. However, when Arizona tried to get rid of people, the economy over there started breaking down.

  • Healthcare

    The Affordable Care Act accomplished many things such as preventing denial of coverage to children, making rescinding coverage illegal, and giving a $250 rebate to 750,000 Medicare Beneficiaries to name a few. However, the healthcare law is far from perfect and more work needs to be done. The US is further down in the rankings in healthcare than education. We must advance to a true universal healthcare system. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t.

  • LGBT

    I support equality for all. Sexual orientation should not matter when getting married or receiving benefits. I will fight until everyone has equal protection under the law. Everyone must be proud of who they are.

  • Wall Street Reform

    There are too many protections for Wall Street and almost none for the American people. We need Wall Street reform to stop abuses in the system. Banks need to be held accountable for their actions. Those who caused to Great Recession are repeating the same reckless actions as if nothing happened. I will force banks to have greater reserves. Taxpayers will no longer be on the hook for bank mistakes by no longer guaranteeing risky loans. Finally, I will reinstate Glass-Steagall.

  • Social Security

    Unfortunately, Social Security is the only source of income for many Americans. Private retirement accounts have gone under, and the taxpayers have footed the bill to give Wall Street CEOs bigger paychecks. There is a new scam to cheat people out of their savings. People will get less than what they have put in unless we stop the con. Republicans want to introduce the Chained Consumer Price Index to lower what inflation is stated on paper to decrease Social Security payment to those who have been paying into it year after year. I will fight this injustice and fight to get you what you have earned.

About Me

Tae Si was born on December 13, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. Shortly after, Tae and his family immigrated to America to find the American Dream. Tae’s father Chong Kil Si, retired, was a former shoe repair business owner. His mother, Gae Cha Si, is working as a cook at a Korean-Japanese restaurant. Tae’s father and mother instilled in him the values of education, service and hard work as the keys to success.

Tae grew up in Martinez, Georgia where he graduated from Evans High School in 2005. He then attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design and Development in May 2007.

From 2008 until 2011 Tae Si worked at various Hi-Tech firms that included Gorilla Systems, Ndeka and Brain Cloud Interactive where he worked in various roles as a Game Play Programmer and Software Engineer. His experience at these firms led to a position at the University of Oklahoma as a Software Engineer from 2011 to 2013 where he helped develop and prototype UI and game play with the Unity3D engine to build a research tool that would help federal analysts mitigate cognitive biases. Tae currently works for Raptura as their Chief Technology Officer in Norman, Oklahoma.

Tae Si believes it’s time for a new generation of leadership to take the stage that will focus on bringing family wage paying jobs to Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. As Congressman, Tae Si will bring together Labor Leaders, Business Leaders, Elected Officials and Community Leaders to discuss how to bring new family wage paying jobs to Oklahoma now.

Tom Not OK

Tom Cole is one of the most corrupt politicians in America. He continues to undermine our civil liberties, make the fat cats fatter, unnecessarily put our soldiers in harm’s way, violate the U.S. Constitution, and put future generations into debt to the very people who brought about the Great Recession. Worst of all, he does all this by lying and stealing from his very own constituents and the American people. Check out his donors and voting record for yourself if you don’t believe me.

It’s common knowledge the oil industry supports Tom Cole. He does own oil stocks like Exxon Mobil and writes favorable legislation for them. In return, companies like Exxon Mobil donate to his campaign for making them and him a lot of money. Here are a few of his other donors and what they have done to ruin America. Check out all his donors here.

  • American Bankers Association

    This is the banking lobby group whose members include banks that caused the Great Recession like Goldman Sachs. Greedy fat cats support Tom Cole.

  • US Chamber of Commerce

    This is one of the few things the Tea Party and I agree on. Crony capitalism, bribery, and a movement to stomp on small business so big corporations can have their monopoly is what the Chamber of Commerce is all about. Tom and corruption go hand in hand.

  • Pfizer

    Remember the Kelo v. City of New London court case in 2005? Well, looks like Tom Cole had no problems in 2008 with a business using your money to take your home for its own gains.

  • Boeing

    Boeing is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC write laws to put people in jail so they can have cheap prison labor. When Cole praised Boeing for bringing jobs to Oklahoma, he probably meant his fellow ALEC members did a good job exploiting Okies.

Tom Cole’s voting record tells it all. He knows what he’s doing and is purposely trying to dismantle the middle class. He voted yes to these destructive laws and will continue to bring down America unless he is voted out of office.

  • Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

    This is the bailout law that gave free money and other perks to the banks that caused the Great Recession. Even worse, the banks are using our money to say we owe them even more money. Had this failed to pass, the world of big dinosaur banks would have come to an end. The American people would have been fine. After all, we’re protected by the FDIC. However, Cole had to protect his meal ticket on our dime.

  • Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act

    Nice title but protecting consumers is not what this law is about. This made it harder for people to escape debt. Claims of abuse and fraud were wildly overblown. More than half of the bankruptcies are from medical debt. The major supporters of the bill were the banks who love to put people in debt forever.

  • USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act

    This law tramples on the US Constitution. Cole voted yes and gave the government the power to spy on its citizens without a warrant. He is OK with the government going through your bank account. He is OK with Big Brother. Expect nothing less from someone who wants unnecessary war. There was no reason for the war in Iraq. He is using the same argument used in the Vietnam War. We pulled out of Vietnam and things turned out well. Iraq will be no different.

  • Smarter Solutions for Students Act

    AKA the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013, temporarily lowered interest rates for new loans made on or after July 1, 2013 by tying it financial markets. You know how stable the financial markets are which is not stable at all. Students will soon be working hard just to the pay interest without being able to lower the premium.

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